23 Apr 2024

Amplify Your Voice Through Filmmaking: Enter the Day One Challenge!

Day One Hāpai te Haeata

What is the Day One Challenge? Find out how you can get involved in filmmaking with Day One.

The Day One Film Challenge, formerly known as the Someday Challenge, is all about giving filmmaking a shot, and amplifying youth voices.

The challenge is open to anyone 24 and under, with multiple deadlines throughout the year (so there are multiple opportunities to enter when you’re ready) participants stand a chance to win exciting prizes and take part in unique experiences. Are you up for the challenge?!

What are the categories?

  • Impact Shorts: Films under 10 min that are "Stories for a better tomorrow".
  • Short Shorts: Films under 1 min. Wrap up your message in 60 seconds (or less) in a vertical social media style reel.
  • Phone Shorts: Films under 5 min that are shot entirely on a phone only.
  • "How To" Shorts: Films under 5 min that share the knowledge about something that matters to you!
  • Music Shorts: Music videos for a song you have permission to use. (Ask us about this one if you’re unsure).

How do I enter?

Pick a topic you care about and craft a compelling story around it. Make a film that follows the basic rules of the film challenge, upload it to YouTube (preferably unlisted), fill in the entry form on and send us the link to your film. You can also submit a film you made for something else if it meets the criteria.

What happens after I enter?

After each round deadline, the shortlisted films are shared for people’s choice voting and then the Peoples’ Choice and Judges’ Choice winning films are announced. All the shortlisted films from all the rounds throughout the year are eligible for the awards at the end of the year.

What kinds of films are you looking for?

Judges will be looking at four big things: first up, how well you get your message across and if it's gonna make an impact. Then, they wanna see if everything in your film, like the visuals and sounds, matches up with what you're trying to say. Next, it's all about being original - they wanna see something totally fresh and powerful. And lastly, they wanna know if your film is gonna grab people and stick with them. So, make sure your movie's got that wow factor and leaves a real impression.

What prizes and awards are there?

We have age awards, category awards, craft awards, community awards and the Standout winner award. We're teaming up with our awesome partners to confirm all the prizes. In previous Challenges, winners have snagged up to $1000 cash, top-of-the-line gear like Photogear cameras, exclusive mentorship opportunities, and even tickets to the incredible Wetā Workshop Unleashed experience! Get ready to bring your A-game and grab a chance to win these epic rewards.

When is the cut off to submit my film?

Round 1 closes on the 26th of July, and Round 2 on the 18th of October. Visit the Day One Challenge website during the submission period and upload your film. Email us if you have any questions -

Take up the Challenge!

  • Get your story heard: Have you always wanted to tell a story? Something you think should be out in the world? Now’s your chance.
  • Access to filmmaking opportunities: From mentorship and learning about filmmaking from the ground up, Day One Challenge offers the space to experiment and learn from industry professionals.
  • Make friends and connections: Connect with like-minded peers and people that are into making cool films and telling stories. Find friends and people you want to work with in the future.
  • Awards and prizes to be won: Gain recognition for your work and you could win stuff!
  • Bump up your filmmaking CV: Participating in the Day One Challenge gives you more experience in filmmaking and getting involved helps you build a name for yourself in the industry. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or you’ve already started your career, all of your experiences inform your filmmaking journey!

And remember, whether your film gets selected or not, be proud of your project. You will be part of a community that centres creativity, experimentation and the power of storytelling. Make your mark on the world, tell us your story, and join the Day One Challenge community.

Visit for full terms and conditions.

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