Blue Ecks

Bobby Stannard
When countless new tenants show up in his apartment, introverted Blue Ecks fights to preserve his privacy and keep his cactus alive.

The Film Makers

Bobby Stannard


Bobby is an established animator/previs artist working in Auckland’s TV/Film industry. His graduating film won ‘Encroached’ Best Animation at Tropfest NZ 2017. Bobby’s first funded short film “Blue Ecks” will be released with Someday Stories. Blue Ecks is Bobby’s first foray into a live-action/animation hybrid that was made with entirely recycled materials. Bobby is currently working on a Queer POC script and work with other Queer POC creatives on his next project.

Puteri Raja Ariff


Having completed her MA in Screen Production in 2014, Puteri is currently an Animation Producer with Cirkus, an award- winning animation house in Takapuna, where she works on various projects, including campaigns for international brands. However, she cannot stay away from being on set - so on top of her ‘day job’ she gets involved in short films and music videos as much as she can.